Investment Funds

Protect & Maximize Your Hard-Earned Money

We offer private real estate funds for accredited investors designed to grow your wealth and deliver safe stable returns. They are a solid portfolio that consistently delivers above average annual returns.

New Construction Fund

Construction Fund

The Construction Fund (CF) is a nationwide private mortgage fund, providing loans exclusively to the industry’s most experienced and successful high-volume new home builders. It's ideal for investors seeking an above average, risk-adjusted yield of 12%-15% annually.

High-Income Debt Fund

High-Income Debt Fund

The Sound Equity High Income Debt Fund is a private real estate fund designed to grow your wealth and deliver safe stable returns. The Fund is a solid portfolio that consistently delivering an 8%-9% annual return.

Check Out What Our Investors Say

My #1 investment goal is capital preservation. In my opinion this fund nails it from a safety standpoint. Plus, the income from the quarterly distributions is great.

Joli Mosier

I really like that the funds are protected 4 ways: Good loan-to-value, $1M reserve, no defaults in last 8 years, and they lend only to experienced house renovators.

Mike Tatum

With constant volatility in the stock market, this fund has been great. It's a steady source of income and the safety of my investment helps me sleep well at night.

Jen Chaffey

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