Construction Fund

New Construction Fund

Construction Fund

The Construction Fund (CF) is a nationwide private mortgage fund, providing loans exclusively to the industry’s most experienced and successful high-volume new home builders. It's ideal for investors seeking an above average, risk-adjusted yield of 12%-15% annually.

The Fund’s emphasis is on rapidly expanding residential housing markets, particularly in the West and South. CF is built on strict standards and complete transparency, and is ideal for accredited investors seeking above average, risk-adjusted yield by way of passive real estate investing.

Safety Factors

Strict underwriting guidelines that have a perfect track record of no loan losses to date CF loans are offered only to borrowers who have successfully completed 10 doors or more Investments are exclusively in markets where home prices and populations are rising Access to our state-of-the-art investor portal offers you a direct look into every asset’s equity Targeted Fund Performance (Net of all Fees)


The Construction Fund provides high investor yields by leveraging low cost warehouse capital. The fund’s exceptional safety is a result of strict adherence to lending standards that have been in place since 2012, as well as our consistent focus on repeat borrowers who have a perfect track record of no loan losses to date.

Preferred Return Paid Out to Initial 10mm In Investment
100% of first 10% of profit

Investors in the Construction Fund aren’t just partners, they hold an actual ownership stake that entitles them to 100% of the profit up to a preferred return of 10%. Profits in excess of 10% are shared between the Manager and Investors with a targeted investor return of 12-15%.

I believe in this fund so much that my money was the first into the fund.

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