With Banks Tightening...Isn't It Time We Had a Conversation?

Nearly all our clients are bankable, institutional quality borrowers, averaging 275 builds, some with over 2,500 builds to their credit. Why do they use us, over banks and other sources? Let us show you why in a quick 5-10 minute intro call.

How To Grow and Build More Profitably!

Know - Value - Trust

Step 1

Let’s get to know each other. Most private lenders only care about closing the deal. Our #1 priority is our people, and your people. That's why 95.3% of our loans are referral or repeat clients.

Step 2

Value each other. Emotions can run high in business. We get it, but mutual respect is one of our core values. It's a non-negotiable requirement because of how we value our people, and yours.

Step 3

Trust each other. We care about your reputation, and a weak capital partner can literally wreck your reputation overnight. You’ve worked for years to build a great company, and one poorly executed draw can forever tarnish your reputation with your crews, your employees, vendors – your people.

If these steps resonate with you, give us a call and get ready for different!

Why Use Sound Capital?

Sound Capital funded in 7 days!

You said Sound Capital could get the project funded in 7 days and you delivered. You were so fast that we are doing another deal due to close in a couple weeks. You’re super easy to work with and get things done when you say you will.

Stephen Ravano
Ravano Investment Realty

When we fund your project we're partners. It's our money on the line, with you and yours. Your lender may be great, but sadly could be governed by regulators who don't care about your situation.

We Are Not Equity Partners

We give you the massive upside leverage of a strong equity partner, without draining your cash flow and taking most of your profits. Your "Real Cost of Capital" is lower...with unlimited upside potential.

If You're a Strong Borrower...We'll Get It Done Fast!

Your experience is King! Other lenders can sometimes be slow, costing you precious time, while deals slip through your fingers. Let us show you what we can do.

It's Easier to Switch Than You MAy Think!

Some of your lending relationships can go back many years. But the moment you're in trouble, all that is often out the window. With us, we're partners through thick and thin, and making the move is easy.

Some of Our

Loan Programs

Construction Loans

You can build with confidence because we can finance almost any size construction project for you. Our team of real estate experts has over 80 combined years of experience structuring deals to help you.

Construction Completion Loans

Completion Loans

Has your build gone longer than expected? You want to refinance? Or maybe you’ve been using cash and you're ready to pull some back out? Whatever your reason, we can help you structure a solution.

Fix and Flip Loans

You get competitive loans with speed and flexibility, a huge advantage when bidding for properties. Your project's lending decision happens quickly, and when we say yes, terms and rates will not change.

Fix and Flip Loans
Check out

What our clients are saying

My experience with Sound Capital was fantastic. As a seasoned investor, I really appreciate that I was asked for minimal documentation. Your rep was the ultimate professional and I look forward to using your company again on my next flip.

Arlett Castanon-Hill

New Vision Real Estate

Your service was excellent. My rep kept on top of the loan, the administrative tasks, and was fast and responsive. Sound Capital funded without hesitation, helping raise our company profile among the realtors who were marketing this property.

CK Hwang

Redwood Investments

I was exceptionally pleased with the service from Sound Capital. The timing of my closing was difficult due to a family death, but your team was able to accommodate me while I was traveling. I look forward to working with you on many more projects.

John Thompson

Sunstone Signature Properties

Recently Funded Projects

yOur Assurance

A COnfident "yes"

Time is the killer of all deals. That's why we believe in quick "noes" and confident "yesses". If your loan doesn't fit our criteria, we will let you know quickly, so you can bring in equity partners, or find other lending options. However, be careful accepting funds from sources who don't vet their loans well. We've seen weak lenders go under and take good people with them.

About our team

We're a passionate group of people who want to help you win, grateful for the opportunity to earn your trust and respect one interaction at a time. It's our belief that if we don’t make you money, increase your cash flow, and help you grow your business, we don’t deserve yours. So, like any relationship, it all starts with a conversation. Give us a call, you'll be glad you did!

Let's Talk About Your Next Project

The entire process was very positive.

You were extremely helpful. The entire loan process was very positive. Sound Capital has done three of my loans and is becoming my preferred lender. I’m very satisfied and will continue to use your company and strongly recommend you.

Octavio De Anda
Aztec Empire

Sound Capital does what they say.

Thank you for following through and doing my loan quickly. Simply put, I do what I say I am going to do. Sound Capital did what they said they would do. I like that. That means I can count on you and that strengthens our relationship.

Stephan Klein
California Coastal Real Estate