Completion Loans

How to Get Your Project Across the Finish Line

Perhaps your build went long, and your current lender is happy to extend at terms that aren’t favorable to you, or your bottom line. Or maybe you want to refinance to improve your rate and terms, or you’ve been using cash and need to pull some back out. You could even be buying a project a different builder started, but was unable to finish. Whatever the reason, we can help. Our construction-completion loans give you the time you need to complete your project, at a cost and timeframe that works for you.

Loan Parameters

Loan Limit:

$100K-10 million (Total loan amounts/cash to close vary by deal)

Start Restrictions:


Credit Limits/Deposit Requirements:


Total Loan to Cost:

Up to 85%

Total Loan to Finished Value:

Up to 70%

Typical Loan Term:

12 - 24 months

Property Types:

Single family residential, model or spec homes, low rise multi-family, infill, teardown, subdivisions, finished lot bridge loans



You can’t always control the circumstances that delay your builds. But what you can control is the cost of the money you borrow. Call us and let’s talk about how we can develop a winning solution for you.

Our Relationships Speak

The reputation of our clients speaks volumes, with our top clients averaging 587 builds, and many over 2,500 builds to their credit. They can get funds anywhere. Yet, they choose us again and again because you can trust us.

Customers served! 3080 + projects FUnded
Customers served! $ 3080 B Over $2.1 Billion Funded
Customers served! 3080 % Repeat CLients

Got a Quality Project?

If you would like to discuss your project, please reach out and give us a call. We're kind of "old school"...we actually like to talk with our clients.