“Little Hinges Swing Big Doors”

The Simplest Way To Recession-Proof Your Growth Strategy

Have you ever seen the movie, Jerry McGuire?

In that movie, Jerry is overwhelmed by all the greed in the sports agency business. So, in a fit of conscience, he writes a mission statement that takes a stand against all the corruption, and how the industry needed to change.

Then, exhausted from his emotional outpouring, at 2:00am he sends out an email with his new mission statement...to the entire company.

Instantly, upon reading it, everyone recognizes and feels the power of the truth Jerry wrote, and they give him a standing ovation as he enters the office the following day.

Then, without warning, he’s immediately fired!

It’s a great story of how everyone resonates with truth...

...yet, only a few are strong enough to stand up for it.

That is where it feels like we are today...

The truth is, as a builder, you’re in a battle and the real value of your business “relationships” are being tested right now. At the risk of sounding harsh...it's time to be brutally honest about all your important business relationships.

Here's why.

Back in February, before the BTR conference in Nashville we published an article about the risks of BTR – and no one wanted to hear it.

We suggested that when the entire crowd is ZIGGING...you generally want to ZAG!

Well, it was like we were the lone voice at a BTR rock concert. No one could hear us...or wanted to.

They looked at us like we had lost our minds!

Well, fast forward six months and voilà – enter the Fed reckoning.

Regardless, our theme then was the same as it is today.

Have multiple exit plans.

The environment is shifting so fast that many of our biggest clients, with eight and nine figure rental portfolios are cashing out - and these guys are "smart money."  Also, if you’re like most of our clients your banks and other lending sources are tightening. Maybe even tightening a lot.

That's why I'm writing this post.

"Little Hinges"

A meaningful conversation at IMN Las Vegas just might be the “little hinge” that opens big doors for you...and makes all the difference.

That said, we are looking to expand relationships with the best mid-size builders. We work with experienced builders like you who want better leverage, fewer banking rules, and the ability to rapidly scale the right opportunities.

To do that...you need good partners.

Our clients often tell us that we make great partners, and at the very least, we could be a solid backup plan for you. We're a lender who actually does what we say we’re going to do. So give us a call or stop by and say hello at the BTR conference.

See you in Las Vegas!

David Huey, CEO

PS  If you’re a builder coming to IMN Las Vegas stop by our booth, say hello, and get a couple free vouchers for cocktails. We’re hosting a “Happy Hour” Monday, September 12th from 4-6pm.

Hope to see you there!

Our Relationships Speak

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